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One of the most dangerous and at the same time widely used technologies today is laser. It has been popularized by many manufacturers because it make precise and quick cuts, requiring little manual effort. A technician has only to adjust the setting to the specific preferences and then high intensity energy comes out and cuts the material.

The energy utilized by laser cutting in Toronto is raw. That is why it is so powerful and dangerous. Below we list five basic safety measures that you can do to avoid any accidents.

From the very beginning, 4 Way Metal has remained a consistent supplier of high quality metal fabricated products on the market. Our expansive catalogue of products and services showcase how successful we have been throughout the years. 

Taking a look at modern day construction, every building is created with some metal component. This is because metal is the kind of structural support that most in the construction industry are more than happy to work with...

Certification of an individual or company is a proof of legitimacy and recognition of them as professionals in a given field. Certification also demonstrates the organization’s commitment to quality. In metal workmanship, there are several forms of certification available in Canada. Consequently, there are various organizations offering certification programs in Canada. Certified metal fabricators are obligated to operate under strict oversight and regulation by the respective certifying organizations. For instance, sheet metal fabrication specialists in Canada are required to operate within a certified framework where they always face the possibility of performance and quality audits. Below are some common metal fabrication programs in Canada.

Laser cutting technologies combine advanced material handling techniques with a diversity of non-contact cutting approaches.  As a versatile option for advanced and bulky cutting, laser cutting techniques further ensure that the edges are trimmed to shape and size, giving the product a fine finish.  To complement the advanced cutting ability of laser beams, a high level of expertise and experience is required. Laser cutting Toronto services are often offered by companies that also specialize in other metal and material forming and finishing processes such as bending, forming, shearing, and coating.