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4 Benefits of Powder Coating in Ontario

Powder coating is one of today’s most advanced methods to offer protection and a decorative finish to metal parts. Powder coating can be applied to machinery, automotive parts, and decorative metal pieces. Since powder coating can be applied to any metal part that can hold an electrostatic charge, it is an incredibly versatile option.  

We have put together 4 benefits of choosing powder coating in Ontario:


Powder coating provides durable protection, ensuring that your metal products are safe from wear and tear. Take your car as an example. Winter weather, tall curbs, and tight parking spots can all scratch up your car. However, applying a layer of powder coating protects the surface from scratches, UV rays, and damage from exposure to the outdoor. Not only that, the durable finish of a roughly textured powder coating is guaranteed to hide any imperfections.


Powder coating offers a wide selection of colours and texture including glossy, matte, flat, and fluorescent. Moreover, once the powder coat is applied, the colour remains bright and vibrant compared to other finishes.


Unlike conventional paint, powder coating is environmentally conscious. Powder coating does not contain solvents that can pollute the land and water. Because the powder is charged, it does not spray everywhere—it attaches only to its target metal.


During the powder coating process, almost all of the coating material is used. Uncontaminated powder overspray can be saved for future use. Conversely, there’s nothing you can do to save a liquid paint overspray.

Indeed, powder coating is more beneficial compared to the traditional liquid spray application. If you need powder coating in Ontario, 4 Way Metal Fabricators can offer you the most durable protective finish on any metal surface. In addition, we cater to different industries and the general public making sure we’ve got everything covered.

If you want to know more about powder coating in Ontario, simply give us a call.

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