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For most parts and materials, a good, strong finish is a very important part of the creation process. When you’re searching for a stronger coat than simple paint, powder coating in Ontario is usually the answer. But how exactly does the process work, and what makes it better than other finishes?

Modern custom sheet metal fabrication has brought down operational time and cost requirements. Here are three common types to look out for. 

The process of powder coating in Ontario is a very popular and cost-effective technique used for applying a decorative and protective coating to metal materials. 

Metal fabrication shops cut and burn sheet metal into all kinds of products. Take a look at things around you. Everything containing metal was once a plain ore piece, which was heated and bent before being cut and formed to produce something which we could use.


Sheet metal is metal that has been rolled or hammered into thin, flat sheets through sheet metal fabricating. These sheets can vary in thickness where very thin sheets are known as foil or leaf and sheets that are six or more millimeters are known as plates. All metal within the thickness range of a foil to that of plates is considered as metal sheet.