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Different Types of Metal Fabricating

Metal fabrication is the process of cutting, bending, and assembling metal material to create products or structures. This task often consists of three phases, the first being a design stage, where visual plans are developed to finalize intended measurements. The second is the metal fabricating procedure, and the third consists of installation, where the end result is achieved in a full or partial form. It is common for fabricators to use a wide variety of raw materials, including plate metal, expanded metal, wires and rods for welding, as well as cast metal. Overall, this activity is a crucial step towards making several parts and structures of a finished quality.

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There are differing segmentation levels when it comes to metal fabrication, and three of the main ones are industrial, structural, and commercial. Industrial fabricators can partner with companies in the following sectors: aerospace, alternative energy, material handling, water treatment, automotive, and more. The projects are usually large scale, and involve the creation of tanks, silos, or heavy machine parts for example.

More on metal fabrication types

Within the construction field, a popular material of choice is high-strength structural metal. Fabrication in the structural category can produce I-beams and other pieces of equipment for a range of construction applications. Businesses that perform commercial metal fabrication are able to craft parts usually destined for specific venues, like restaurants, stores, public spaces, and municipal buildings. Guardrails, awnings, shelving, and conveyors are examples of commercial metal work. Lastly, this type of activity is also applied to decorative or ornamental metal.

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