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Metal Fabrication

4 Way Metal Fabricators provides a wide range of custom sheet metal fabrication techniques, including sawing, shearing, punching or forming. We strive for a higher level of excellence in sheet metal fabrication, which our Toronto and GTA customers have come to expect from us. Having been in the industry as long as we have, it is safe to say that we are doing our job well and we will excel when it comes to sheetmetal fabrication and custom sheet metal fabrication.

Our sheetmetal fabrication services are offered in conjunction with welding capabilities to provide a full range of custom sheet metal fabrication for our clients in Toronto and across the province of Ontario. Quality is built into each specific product thanks to the care, dedication and attention that our staff demonstrates. With custom sheet metal fabrication being our specialty, we only employ the best state-of-the-art machinery to assure precise sheetmetal fabrication capabilities of even the most delicate items.

During production, operators and inspectors monitor each detail to guarantee technical precision. A final inspection ensures our customers receive exactly the product they paid for, and receive it in a timely fashion. Our quality of work is of such high standards that 4 Way Metal Fabricators has had the privilege of working and manufacturing parts for Husky over the years. At 4 Way Metal Fabricators we excel because we treat every client with individual care - giving them 100% in quality and in product worth.

To see some of the projects we have done in terms of custom metal fabrication, visit our sheet metal fabrication portfolio, or give us a call to get started on your custom sheet metal fabrication project. Our experienced and qualified service personnel are always on hand to answer your questions in detail. We’re dedicated to serving you!