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Laser Cutting

At 4 Way Metal Fabricators, we provide top quality industrial laser cutting in Ontario, and we guarantee customer satisfaction, as we are fully confident in the integrity of our products. We provide some of the best quality laser cutting in Toronto and are very proud to have one of the latest precision laser cutting services and technologies at our disposal.

Laser cutting in Ontario, whether for aluminum or stainless steel, works by directing the output of a high powered computerized laser at the material to be cut. The result is an edge with a high quality surface finish, once the excess evaporates.

With these superior industrial laser cutting services, we are able to provide our clients with incredibly intricate works, without loss or any fear of wasted product. This process is what makes us a top provider of laser cutting in Toronto. Not only is our precision laser cutting technology precise, it is also extremely powerful.

What Are Our Capabilities?

  • Steel laser cutting services - 6 ga. Up to 3⁄4" thick
  • Stainless steel laser cutting services - 26 ga. Up to 5⁄8" thick
  • Aluminum laser cutting services - .02" up to 3⁄8" thick

Laser cutting in Toronto is not the only service 4 Way Metal Fabricators provides. We are also able to cut and shape to your specific requirements, and meet all your needs when it comes to laser cutting in Ontario.

Metals such as galvanized, satin coat, and aluminized steel are just some of the varieties that we have had the opportunity to work on, and we welcome any opportunity to work with new industrial laser cutting techniques.

Visit our laser cutting Ontario portfolio for some of our recent projects, and for quality industrial laser cutting in Toronto that will stand the test of time, give 4 Way Metal Fabricators a call today, and our staff will assist you in bringing your blueprints to life as soon as possible.