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What Processes are involved in Sheet Metal Fabrication?

A set of manufacturing procedures employed to turn sheet metal into functional parts is known as sheet metal fabrication. The method can be divided to create three categories: cutting, deformation, and assembly. Sheet metals that are commonly used include steel, aluminum, zinc, and copper. When thinner, these materials are more malleable, and thicker versions can be well-suited for heavy-duty parts that have strenuous functions. This activity can be a cost-effective option in terms of parts that are partially flat or hollow, compared to procedures like casting and machining. It is quick and results in minimal material wastage as well.

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Sheet metal fabrication often contributes to the making of industrial and consumer parts. Additionally, the method is found within specialist industries, such as automotive, aerospace, energy, and robotics.


Among the three main techniques of manipulating sheet metal is to cut it. Due to this, it can be thought of as a subtractive manufacturing process, since usable parts are crafted from removing sections of the material. Many different pieces of machinery help manufacturers cut sheet metal, some belonging to sheet metal fabrication on its own.


The process of deformation is also a main category of this activity. It involves multiple ways to alter and manipulate sheet metal with the absence of cutting into it. There are certain procedures that fall in between cutting and deformation as well.


A third strategy of forming sheet metal is assembly, either with the aid of common fasteners or other tools. Although it is more separate from the above fabrication processes, the joining of separate sheet metal components is an important step in the overall manufacturing of parts.

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