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Your go-to metal fabrication shop have likely perfected the fabrication processes needed to yield your desired fabricated project results. In today’s blog, our goal is to bring it back to basics by outlining the 5 most common processes used in metal fabrication shops.

In today's blog we discuss what sets us apart when it comes to our laser cutting, powder coating, and custom metal fabricating services.

It will come as no surprise that any large-scale shop designed around metal fabricating, such as the 35,000 sq. ft facility at 4 Way Metal Fabricators, will have numerous machines at its disposal to meet certain standards of quality. One such machine is known as the hydraulic press brake, and will be the spotlight of today’s piece. 

Compared to your more conventional liquid coatings, powder coating in Ontario may seem less intuitive and logical when trying to comprehend how it works.

That’s why we’ve taken the time to break down the more frequent questions that have steered our way throughout the years surrounding powder coating.

Laser cutting in Ontario is a mainstay when it comes to executing precision in metal fabrication processes. Laser cutting relies on a highly focused, strong beam of light that is capable of effectively cutting through work pieces of different material to achieve the desired design and shape.