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4 Different Modern Metal Fabricating Procedures

Metal fabricating is an essential process for manufacturing the best custom metal sheets, parts, and fittings that projects need. Many businesses have sub-departments for metal fabrication processes. However, it can take a lot of time and resources to train, acquire the best equipment, and accumulate knowledge and experience to produce the best results.


Here are four fabrication procedures essential for today's commercial and industrial companies:



Cutting apart metal sheets is a core procedure of metal fabricating. Manufacturers produce metal in flat, broad sheets that can be used for various projects. Fabricators will then use high-quality bandsaws and other equipment to take apart pieces essential for shearing and forming. Efficient sawing produces straight and resource-saving results consistently, which makes them necessary for mass production projects.


Cutting straight lines is an essential step in metal fabricating, and shearing is the process that will cut consecutive lines on flat metal workpieces. Using two blades that move up and down past each other, fabricators can produce grills and custom designs for functionality or aesthetics. Automated shearing machines of high quality, such as those that 4 Way Metal Fabricators use, make it easy to handle mass production requirements with virtually no headaches.


Rolling, bending, and punching metal sheets requires the best equipment to guarantee the necessary accuracy and aesthetics projects need. Experienced technicians with in-depth knowledge can maximize state-of-the-art metal forming apparatus. In doing so, they achieve exceptional design-oriented warping, bending, and punching.

Laser Cutting

Highly-accurate laser cutters can introduce clean cuts with minimal deviation, which makes them valuable for mass production projects. Furthermore, laser cutters require minimal maintenance. Manufacturers can guarantee exceptional results by leaving it in the hands of extraordinary and experienced technicians.

Get The Best Results By Working With Dependable Manufacturers

If you have yet to find a fabricator you can count on, call on us at 4 Way Metal Fabricators. We can't wait to show you everything that we can achieve with you. Contact us today to learn more!


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