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Nowadays there are a number of metal fabrication companies in Bolton, Ontario. Different companies usually have different products, features, packages, and options for their users. For that reason, all users should find the best company that can meet their needs.

Custom sheet metal fabrication is a fast growing industry involving the shaping of raw metal shapes into useful products through a procedural process. It involves cutting, shaping, modeling, and assembling raw materials to build a fully fabricated project. Over the last few decades, this industry has seen numerous developments especially with the introduction of modern metal fabrication equipment including welding tools, cutting equipment and furnishing technologies.

Sheet metal is basically metal that has been formed by industrial processes into thin flat pieces. It is a fundamental form of metalworking and can be structured, cut and formed into various shapes. Today, a number of industrial products are as a result of custom sheet metal fabrication. The thickness of the raw material can vary from 0.1 mm to a few inches depending on the fabrication need. Extremely thin sheets are known as foils or metal leaves, while pieces that are thicker than 0.25 inches are known as plates. Sheet metal comes in both coiled strips and flat pieces. A non-linear traditional measure referred to as a gauge is used to specify the thickness of sheet metal.