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Metal work involves various stages and process. These processes include customs metal fabrication, cutting and custom metal fabrication. Custom sheet metal fabrication, for instance, involves trimming metal sheet into the desired shapes and sizes. In doing so, varied equipment is used. These play various roles in turning the metal sheet into the desired product. Traditionally, metal cutting has involved manual metal trimming using chisels, hacksaws and shears. With the today’s state of the art technology, mechanized metal cutting is done.

4 Way Metal Fabrication company specializes in offering top quality custom metal fabrication projects.With many years of experience, we have widely installed and created an extensive array of custom metal fabrication projects for all types of industries.

Metal fabrication refers to the processes involved in cutting and moulding of metal material into useful products. Stock metal components like metal rods, sheet metal, and metal bars are available in various dimensional specifications. While most metal working shapes produce products in a range of standard shapes and sizes, some customers need unique products with non-standard sizes. Custom metal fabricating involves producing build-to-order products from scratch following a pre-specified order or design.

Sheet metal fabrication is shaping of the cut metal sheet into the final product, a wide range of shaping operations are used leading to folding and bending of the sheet into the desired shape or form. The most common of the sheet metal fabrication shaping process are: grooving, seaming stamping and crimping and beading. So one has to identify the process that is needed to  select the right tools for use in achieving the latter.