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Techniques used in Sheet Metal Fabrication

Shaping of the cut metal sheet into the final product, a wide range of shaping operations are used leading to folding and bending of the sheet into the desired shape or form. The most common of the shaping process are: grooving, seaming stamping and crimping and beading. So one has to identify the process that is needed to  select the right tools for use in achieving the latter.

 In case you want to use the press forming process, there are a number of operations that you may use, including cupping and embossing which also uses different technologies and tools. For example: cupping is the conversion of a metal plate in sheet metal fabrication to a cup size. Different tools are used for different processes. The type of process you choose, determines the nature of operations undertaken at each stage of the process.

 Other techniques used in custom metal fabrication include deep drawing, mar forming, flow forming and spinning. With todays hi-tech developments, these processes are undertaken using computer aided facilities with a  high level of efficiency and more precise designs. Therefore, when looking for a sheet metal fabrication shop to undertake your assignment, avoid having your work done with older technology; which is less precise and lower in quality. Choosing the right sheet metal fabrication shop is important.


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