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All About Powder Coating in Ontario

A form of coating that is delivered as a free-flowing and dry powder is known as powder coating. This is in contrast to conventional liquid paint, which is applied with the help of an evaporating solvent. After being delivered electrostatically, the usual method of application, powder coating is exposed to heat or ultraviolet light to be cured. The powder itself can be a thermoplastic or a thermoset polymer. This type of coating is commonly used to establish a hard finish, a surface that is tougher compared to conventional paint. A look at powder coating in Ontario, including its functionality and advantages, will follow.

4 Way Metal Fabricators offers the service of powder coating in Ontario, and our team is determined to meet the needs of our clients along each step of the process.


The main use of powder coating is to coat metals, like household appliances, aluminium extrusions, hardware for drums, vehicles, and bicycle frames. Due to the absence of a liquid carrier with this procedure, thicker coatings can be produced without the result of them running. Powder coating is also able to achieve minimal appearance differences between horizontally and vertically coated items. Lastly, multiple colours of powder can be involved in order to create colour blending and specialized effects on a single layer.


No solvents are contained within powder coatings, and the amount of volatile organic compounds they release into the atmosphere is non-existent or very small. In terms of specialized effects, these are easily accomplished from powder coatings, while they would not be possible through a different process. The procedure also significantly decreases the amount of time required for the curing stage.

Browse our website and contact us today for more information about powder coating in Ontario, and how 4 Way Metal Fabricators can support your business with the services we provide.

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