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4 Industrial Businesses That Use Powder Coating

Powder coating in Ontario is not only an aesthetics-focused service. While it does improve a product’s look by changing its color and adding a beautiful, dense finish in every project, it introduces a greatly durable protective layer over metal surfaces creating a uniform look. Here are four industries that include powder coating services to their products:


Automotive Parts Manufacturing

Resin and pigment make up the desirable glossy coat of vehicles.  With powder coating in Ontario, it can add a protective layer which can resist direct UV ray exposure and even reflect it to improve the car’s interior insulation. Automotive companies use this process on hubcaps, door handles, bumpers, and even engine and radiator interiors too.



You might not know it, but appliances like stoves and washing machines are all coated with protective layering. Powder coating in Ontario improves the durability and long-term lifespan of the front and side panels made of sheet metals. 


Construction and Development

Some skyscrapers use metal and steel cladding due to its unique aesthetic and durability. However, due to its glossy and scratch-prone surface, having a protective coating can help prevent scratches as well as reflect UV rays. Industrial machines and equipment also use coatings to prevent corrosion and heat damage. 


Sports Equipment

Golf clubs, ski poles, and bicycle metal parts use transparent or clear-tone powder coating for their glossy and highly durable finish. In addition, the stylish finish efficiently prevents moisture from entering and corroding the steel core of these sports equipment.


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