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4 Reasons Why Powder Coating Is the Right Choice

By having the intrinsic properties of being applied to any metal part capable of holding an electrostatic charge, powder coating in Ontario becomes an excitingly versatile option to consider. Used in metal components within machinery, decorative pieces, automotive parts, etc.; powder coating offers more than just a decorative veneer in its function.


We’ll be having a closer look at the surprising practicality this coating method provides, and the benefits you can expect to see when carrying out powder coating in Ontario:


1) Protection

The general strength and mechanical advantages metals provide allow them to be used in environments otherwise unsuited for other materials.


Unfortunately, these environments are known to be extremely tumultuous and lead to accelerative wear and tear on the metal in question. Look no further than your car for example – extremities in weather, impacts on the road and kerbs, potholes, and difficult-to-navigate parking spots can all deteriorate your car’s look and function. Step in powder coating; this layered-on coat acts as a protective shell against these abrasive conditions and UV rays, keeping your metal in working condition for longer. Additionally, should any damage occur, the coarsely textured coating works in an illusionary fashion by masking surface imperfections.  


2) Aesthetics

The appearance of your product can be a personal endeavour, which naturally makes for the case of needing personalised solutions; the application of powder coating allows for a host of not only colours, but textures including glossy, matte, flat, and fluorescent coatings. Luckily, touch-up fees are also kept to a minimum as power coating is known for retaining its vibrancy compared to alternative finishes.


3) Eco-Friendly

The nature of our climate has left us in position to remain astute and ever alert to our global footprint. While painting can sometimes be seen as antithesis to this, powder coating is resolute in being an environmentally sound solution. The reasoning is two-fold. For one, no solvents are contained within powder coating capable of polluting the environment. And two, excessive waste is tapered due to the charged powder only forming an attachment to the grounded metal component it being sprayed on.


4) Economical

Finally, it is always gratifying to know your budget is going to use in a cost-effective way. Most, if not all, of the coating material is used during the powder coating application with any remaining surplus able to be used for future coatings. This is in stark contact to liquid painting where a surplus cannot be reemployed.


Professional Powder Coating in Ontario

The 40 years of knowledge we’ve amassed at 4 Way Metal Fabricators shows in our work for powder coating in Ontario; famous for our incredibly durable finishes on any metal surface. While we typically apply our expertise to the manufacturing industry, we always strive to utilise our professional skillsets on projects of any size – no project is too small or large!


It’s important for us to instil a symbiotic and linear progression between our talent and tech. That is why we continually invest into the latest powder coating ovens from renowned manufacturers at our 35,000 square foot shop; providing our clients with the services they come to expect for powder coating in Ontario.

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