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4 Way Metal Quality in Service Every Time

When it comes to providing quality custom metal fabricating services, look no further than 4 Way metal Custom Metal Fabrication. Having served clientele across Ontario from our shop in Bolton, we’ve managed to build a reputation for quality and reliability in customer service every time. For decades, we’ve perfected the art of providing premium project results when it comes to laser cutting, powder coating, and custom metal fabrication.


Today we’ll discuss what sets us apart when it comes to our laser cutting, powder coating, and custom metal fabricating services.


Laser Cutting


4 Way Metal offers superior laser cutting services to clients across the province. We understand the importance of meeting your project specifications with a higher degree of precision – that’s why we are continually updating our facility to meet a more diverse set of needs. Our capabilities include steel laser cutting, stainless steel laser cutting, and aluminum laser cutting services.


Powder Coating


In addition to providing superior laser cutting and custom metal fabrications services, we also offer premium, environmentally-friendly powder coating for clients with large and small batches. With a large range of colours and textures to choose from, know that we are fully capable of bringing out the very best of your project regardless of finish.


Custom Metal Fabricating


4 Way Metal specializes in custom metal fabrication services. Our capabilities include using various sheet metal fabrication techniques in tandem with various welding methods to ensure the specificity of your project needs are effectively met. Our team of experts take the time to understand your unique needs in order to yield quality results every time.


The 4 Way Metal Service Difference


If you find yourself in need of premium laser cutting, powder coating, and/or custom metal fabrication services – consider 4 Way Metal for project. We hold a higher standard of excellence when it comes to providing quality outcomes you can rely on. Call 4 Way Metal Custom Metal Fabrication today!


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