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About Powder Coating in Ontario

Powder coating is one of the most advanced methods today being used in protecting and decorating metals for more refined and elegant finish. Used mainly by industries in enhancing their finished products, this process uses a mixture of powder made of resin and pigments and electrostatically sprayed on any metal. Our company 4 Way Metal Fabricators is one of the best when it comes to powder coating in Ontario.


Powder coating always provides durable, uniformed, and very attractive finish on any metal surface compared to paint that can easily chip off or crack.

Once the powder is electrostatically charged and sprayed into the metal that is also electrically grounded, this fused to the surface completely. In our workshop, we do put layers of powder coats on our products so that the result is always high-quality and strikingly handsome products.


There are a number of advantages in powder coating compared to conventional spray painting.


  • Durability

Powder coat can last very long and the color finishes don’t fade out. It is also more economical to use, which provides industries and consumers more inexpensive options. It is also resistant to scratching, chipping and wearing off. Best thing is, there is a wide selection of colored powder to choose from as well as textures.

  • Environment-Friendly

Liquid paint contains solvents or VOC (volatile organic compounds). These are known to be toxic to the environment and to humans. Powder coating doesn’t have any of these. If there is any, they are used only in very small amounts and can easily disintegrate once exposed to air. Even the governments approve highly on the use of powder coats to protect the environment.

  • More Economical

With liquid paint, you also have to buy thinner to thin out the paint for easy application. You also need other solvents to enhance the paint’s consistency to let it stick on the metal. Powder coats are all in pure powder form so there is no need to purchase anything but only the powder.

Where We Use Powder Coat

We apply powder coating in Ontario when manufacturing panels for home appliances, industrial machines, metal casings, metal racks and structures and all other types of metals that we have.

We also apply powder coat when customizing products like automotive parts, panels, and accessories. Likewise, there are a number of clients who are into construction and architectural businesses and wanted us to powder coat their modular furniture, door and window frames, guard rails and so on.

Powder coating in Ontario is one job that we are very good at aside from laser cutting and metal sheet fabrication. With us, you can save a lot of money while you can expect that the products we produce are of best quality, hard-wearing and with the best looking finish. Call us anytime and we’ll talk about your project.

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