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Answering Your Powder Coating Questions

Compared to your more conventional liquid coatings, powder coating in Ontario may seem less intuitive and logical when trying to comprehend how it works.


That’s why we’ve taken the time to break down the more frequent questions that have steered our way throughout the years surrounding powder coating:


Are Powder Coating Fumes Toxic?

As a whole, powder-coating systems are devoid of volatile organic compounds and heavy metals for their coverage, providing a low-cost and environmentally sound surface-coating procedure, especially so when you consider that venting needs are diminished.


Media gaze and public attention is fixating on powder coating in Ontario when it comes to reducing air pollution. This is because it demonstrates direct parallels in terms of performance to liquid coatings, while, unlike liquid coatings, providing an assortment of ecological, cost-effective, and nontoxic solutions.


Can Aluminum Be Powder Coated?

Absolutely. Aluminum powder coating is widely revered for being durable, aesthetically flexible, and consistent. Issues that had once plagued conventional painting, such as sagged or running paint, are no longer of concern through powder coating. This marked increase in consistency has allowed coating services to deliver thicker coats with virtually no perceivable differences, while increasing chemical resistance, gloss retention, and mechanical hardness.


Problems such as inclusions or orange peeling from aluminum powder coating invariably stem from poor quality powder coating in Ontario, making for an irrefutable case to partner with established coaters like 4 Way Metal Fabricators where we have established procedures to minimise this occurrence.  


Is Powder Coating Heat Resistant?

Part of the powder coating process requires heating both the substrate and the powder to ensure flow and curing. It is typical for curing to occur around 200°C – meaning it is part of the inherent design of the powder to be heat resistant. That is why it is not uncommon to see components of an engine to be powder coated.


Due to the excellent bonding that occurs to the substrate through powder coating, flaking and/or peeling is a rare occurrence at high temperatures compared to conventional painting. Be mindful, however, that this can vary wildly between different coating services, which is why it is crucial you source the best powder coating in Ontario before committing.


40 Years of Excellence…

Getting the most out of your powder coating experience can pay off in spades when partnering with a reputable coater. This reputation, however, isn’t established overnight. We don’t take for granted the fact that we’ve been providing services for various industries for more than 40 years at 4 Way Metal Fabricators. Put our 35,000 square foot facility to use by reaching out! No matter how small or large the project, we can take it on.

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