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Custom Metal Fabricating Process Explained

Metal work involves various stages and processes. These processes include cutting and custom sheet metal fabricating. Custom metal fabricating involves trimming metal sheet into the desired shapes and sizes. In doing so, varied equipment is used. These play various roles in turning the metal into the desired product. Traditionally, metal cutting has involved manual metal trimming using chisels, hacksaws and shears. With today’s state of the art technology, mechanized metal cutting is done. All of which we professionally do, this involves the use of different cutting devices and technologies depending on the nature, shape and size of the cut to be done. Therefore, before choosing the type of tool or machine to use in cutting the metal sheet in question, you should clearly know the size of the intended final products as well as the nature of the material being cut.

 By contacting our team of experts, proper guidance on the best technologies for use in custom metal fabricating will be given.  However, we mainly deploy the following processes in undertaking metal fabrication such as: laser cutting, turning and grinding. The experts will also ensure that the process is done properly to prevent frequent damage and breakage; they should high quality material that can last for long time.  

This involves the use of a grinding machine over a surface. The process is appropriate where the surface is required to be of high quality and smooth. In such a case, the abrasive wheel of the girder rotates while in contact with the surface being grinded. This leads to the metal surface being worn down making the surface smooth. The ultramodern metal cutting technology is then used to cut the metal into pieces. The process involves the pump which creates an electric arc producing an extremely hot flame with the ability to cut a metal sheet.

Thanks for the info 4 Way Metal!
Posted by: Kyle S. | January 18, 2016, 4:11 pm
When it comes to custom metal fabricating, you need to make sure that you have the proper guidance of a knowledgeable team before taking on any project. Metal fabricating is not a simple task, it takes a great deal of planning, design and precision in order to be carried out correctly and effectively. This article is very useful at reiterating that.
Posted by: Johanna | June 17, 2015, 10:36 am
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