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Finding The Right Metal Fabricator For Your Project

Finding the right metal fabrication shop for your project can be a real challenge but with asking the right questions ahead of time, you’ll be sure to find a reliable and credible fabricator in no time. 


Here are some questions you should ask the fabricator before you decide:


Do they have the capacity to do your fabrication project?


There is a wide variety of metal fabricators. Some of them specialize in working with just one process while others offer a broad range of services. If your fabrication project is quite complex or needs great accuracy, look for a metal fabrication shop that specializes in precision fabrication. If the fabricator serves this area well, they’re likely to have the right skills and experience needed for other precision work.


What kind of services do they do in-house?


You should be aware that many fabricators outsource steps of their design or finishing process. So, before picking a metal fabricator, ask which services they provide and whether they outsource any of them. It would also be important to ask about the support they give during the design phase, more so if you need to modify designs or professional suggestions to attain a higher quality part.


What is the experience of the staff?


Experienced staff is the key to a successful metal fabrication job so know the size of the company’s staff and what experience they have in doing the task. We recommend looking for a metal fabrication shop that has certified engineers and welders in house who have the experience and skill necessary to accomplish your project successfully.


Can they complete the project on time?


It’s best to find a fabrication business that is based in your region, as it can make a big difference by reducing shipping time and costs and preventing problems with sourcing materials. You may also want to find out whether they have a factory near you, especially if you need the fabrication of large or heavy parts. This will help ensure your project will be done right on time.


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