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How Beneficial Is The Laser Cutting Process?

Compared to other cutting methods, laser cutting in Toronto offers several advantages. First and foremost, the process is capable of cutting a wide range of designs with more of a higher level of accuracy and precision than other conventional cutting processes. Adding to this, laser cutting machines can be equipped with CNC, making them able to produce intricate and complex parts consistently and repeatedly which is an added bonus. The cuts and edges that laser cutting produces usually don’t need secondary finishing processes.  


What are the benefits?


Laser cutting requires lower thermal input because of the smaller kerf widths and localised heating. The narrower kerf reduces the amount of material removal while the lower thermal input reduces the heat affected zones; all of which minimises the extent of thermal distortion on the material being cut. Furthermore, the non-contact nature of laser cutting reduces the risk of mechanical distortion and material contamination. These characteristics make it possible to design cut parts to be closer together, and thus reduces material waste and ultimately lowers the cost over time.  


What enables laser cutting in Toronto to be inexpensive is the relatively low running and maintenance costs needed by laser cutting machines despite their higher initial investment. This is because laser cutters are able to perform multiple operations for various applications without the need for custom-designed tooling which reduces the total machine cost and the lead time by a great deal.


Another added factor is that the components of laser cutting machines do not experience too much fatigue as they perform non-contact processes. Therefore, the inexpensive replacement of the laser components and their durability further reduces the total equipment costs over time. Finally, there is lower risk of operator injury involved during laser cutting in Toronto as it employs very little to no mechanical parts and is done safely within an enclosure.  


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