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Powder Coating - Possible Risks and Solutions


Metal powder coating is simple and easy. But did you know working in that kind of environment exposes you to a lot of life and health risks?  

First of all, you should know that powder coating is an interesting process that uses the charge of one metal element to attract or repel another. You can witness it in the first coating which is called the primer. Most primers are zinc-based, thus clinging to the metal tightly. With that being said, you have to realize that powder coating in Ontario doesn’t use ordinary powder.

Here are four dangerously known risks inside a powder coating room.

  • Concentration above Explosive Level. All experts that use powder coating know that there is an explosive limit of powder concentration. Once the concentration inside a secluded area is above the limit, there is high probability of an explosion. It will react to other combustible factors in the room. Fire is also a big possibility. If the explosion doesn’t occur, then fire will most likely surface. To avoid this kind of situation, always do the math before working. Sweep off all excess powder coat on all surface and quantify only those that you are using for the project.
  • Sources of Combustion. Powder coating rooms will require a lot of wirings and heat and those things are not the only combustible sources that you can find inside the room. There are tools and other machineries that expose open energy.
  • The pressure of the room should be bearable so as not to trigger an explosion. Always check for leaks or fumes. And if there are any, see to it that all tools are replaced and in working condition.
  • Defective Electric Wiring. It would be safer if the wiring doesn’t work at all instead of exposing raw current out in the open. That combined with the exhaust and the powder concentration can cause a massive explosion or fire accident. Another possibility is short circuit.
  • Regularly check the wiring system. If you feel that there is something wrong with how a machine works, in connection to the wiring, then you shouldn’t ignore it or leave it as is. Immediately call an electrician or do not work in the room at all.
  • Substandard Ventilation. Good ventilation’s purpose is not solely for the comfort of the workers. It is also to balance the temperature in the room and facilitate in regulating the concentration of powder. It minimizes risk of an explosion and also fire. It will also aid you in powder coating. If you find it humid and hard to breath despite the lack of working machinery, then you should redesign it.

Powder coating in Ontario and in the GTA often have manuals for the materials and processes to guide and warn users about the potential dangers of the matter. That is why you should never throw away the manual even if you are familiar with the whole process, not all powder coatings are compiled of the same materials.  

Powder coating is like any metal treatment process - you have to be careful to have a high quality product and safe environment
Posted by: Lee Yan | February 14, 2017, 12:16 pm
I enjoyed this article, good points.
Posted by: Xi | September 30, 2016, 4:18 pm
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