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Precision metal fabrication shop

4 Way Metal Fabricators has been a leader in the industry in dependable and quality custom metal fabrication services. The continuous upgrading of our facility with the state-of-the-art production has extensively contributed to the industry, retaining a vanguard position in efficiency and quality. With 35 Yrs of quality industrial experience, our team of certified engineers and experienced staff can assist you with your custom fabrication requirements. We offer a wide array of metal fabricating projects to cater to your every need. 4 Way Metal Fabricator is the only shop where you can witness your various projects brought from their inception and ideas to finished products.

For many years, we have remained in the top position in our field due to high quality and up-to-date equipment. Fitted with ultra-modern machinery, we have been able to successfully complete many of the most challenging custom metal fabricating projects. Combining state-of-the-art equipment, software and years of experience, metal fabrication capabilities are  limited solely to your imagination. Our services range from custom prototype parts to huge assemblies using steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

When your metal fabrication shop project calls for a total control of the processes, 4 Way Metal Fabricators can deliver what other metal fabricators cannot. At the metal fabrication shop, we work primarily with aluminum. We roll, weld, cut and form all grades of aluminum for different kinds of jobs i.e. from making structures to forming and rolling into shapes the cut parts of the sheet. All welded parts make use of parts that are cut using CNC laser technology. The advanced laser technology at our metal fabrication shop helps us cut large rough parts quickly along with carrying out in house finish machining. These make the process to move more efficiently and quickly as well as enable us to partake in numerous complex machining jobs.

Our metal fabricating services are widely known to be convenient and cost effective for our clients as there is no need to refer some of the parts to other fabricators for machining. We are known for our lots of experience in custom steel work for countless industries, both small and large. We also work with stainless steel since it is an excellent metal for finishing and sanitary purposes. With the various advanced equipment for bending, cutting, welding and assembling, our fabricating experience allows us to work with both thin and thick stainless steel. As we continue to offer quality custom work, our reputation for timely delivery has grown incredibly as our staff is dedicated to quality and integrity.

Will stainless steel cost a lot more to customize than regular metals?
Posted by: Hannah | May 16, 2016, 1:35 pm
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