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Reliable Metal Fabricating Experts Within Reach

As a metal fabricating expert for over thirty five years, 4 Way Metal Fabricators proudly offers a wide variety of fabricated metal products and services. As a custom metal fabricating shop in Bolton ON, we specialize in offering quality custom precision fabrication projects. With state-of-the-art production technology, we have been able to broaden our horizons as well as diversify our skill set. The various services found at our store include CNC laser cutting along with powder coating. We have also established welding services for cast iron, aluminum, stainless steel and titanium, thus diversifying our skill set.

Our devotion to top quality custom metal fabrication services has enabled us to become a leader in the market, alongside remaining the first choice for an increasing large number of valued customers. Our products meet the highest standards in durability and design. We offer a wide variety of custom sheet metal fabricating techniques, including sawing, forming, punching, and shearing. We continue to strive to provide a higher level of distinction in custom sheet metal fabricating that our patrons have grown to expect from us.

Our metal fabricating services are provided in combination with welding skills, so as to help provide a wide array of custom metal fabricating services and products. Our team of certified professionals ensures that the quality is maintained in each particular product as care, attention and dedication is employed. During the production, inspectors and operators give attention to each detail to ensure technical precision. We employ ultra-modern machinery to guarantee precision metal fabricating capabilities for the most delicate items. We ensure that our clients receive the services and products they have paid for on time.

We have recently invested heavily in high quality, powder coating oven machinery to increase the various services we can provide to our increasing client base. Though powder coating normally is offered in large batches, our recent up to date technology is capable of creating any size you want. We also provide finishing for any metal, be it steel powder coating, aluminum powder coating or color powder coating.There are many textures and colors to select from to help enhance your products.Our continuous dedication to high standards over the years has granted us the privilege to manufacture and work for Husky and other leading industries. Our 24/7 friendly customer care services have enabled us to offer our outmost best in meeting every individual client needs.

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