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Sheet Metal Fabrication Solutions, Welding and Finishing Services

At 4 way Metal, we have a team of great professionals specializing in offering you quality sheet metal fabrication solutions. These range from sawing, punching, sawing and forming, among others. Consequently, we can deliver what we strive best in sheet metal fabrication. For the full range of services, we also offer excellent welding and finishing services. With our vast experienced, we are assured of delivering what other promise with much ease and for the best value of your money. Our expertise and in-depth experience gives us a cutting edge positioning in the quest for the best. With our team, you can be sure of having elegant designs that you will get nowhere else apart from our workshops.

In addition to excellent sheet metal fabrication, we also combine our work with excellent finishing as well as proper welding. These place us at a premier position in the industry as well cut across all the other industries in the supply of the metal fabricated components. Our welding services include stout fixtures, and staggered welding, among other designs that you may need while our industrial welding cooling systems ensure that the welded parts are allowed to cool at the most conducive conditions for the best joints to be formed.

Our sheet metal fabrication services are well tailored towards utilizing our skills and leveraging the available technologies. The advancement in technology is to bring out excellent designs, this makes the use of our hydraulic braking machines and other angle and curvature creation machines and technologies possible. For rounded designs, we have adequate machining tools such as rolling tools. This gives you exactly what you want in the best form you wish to have done. We venture in steel, titanium and aluminum sheet fabrication. However, other metals can also be fabricated depending on your needs.

Sheet metal fabrication needs to be carried out by a professional especially because you are dealing with such thin pieces of material. I trust 4 way metal to do this because they have had so many years of experience and I have never had any job go wrong with them.
Posted by: Randy | July 30, 2015, 10:10 am
4 Way Metal is amazing at what they do. Our sheet metal fabrication project came out perfectly.
Posted by: Regine | February 18, 2015, 12:55 pm
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