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Sheetmetal Fabrication in the Auto Industry

Sheetmetal fabrication is an integral part of the auto industry. Permeating almost every facet of the manufacturing process – metal fabrication is prevalent in everything from structural work such as roll cage to metal plating fabrication. However, metal fabrication processes are not exclusive to new car manufacturing, as it is also used in a wide variety of sub categorical industrial applications that fall under the umbrella of the auto industry.


Today we’ll discuss a few sheetmetal fabrication applications prevalent within the auto industry.


Restoring Vintage Vehicles


The metal fabrication processes involved in the restoration of vintage vehicles require a higher caliber of precision than typical fabrication applications. Achieving the angles and curves specific to the vintage vehicle and the era it originates from can be difficult. This is due to the auto industry of the past had much different engineering and fabrication methods and standards than that of today.


Vehicle Repair


Metal fabrication is imperative to processes involved in vehicle repair. Often, car parts are salvageable for vehicles that undergo extensive damage – or can easily be replaced. However, skeletal work may require fabrication to smooth out any exterior or cosmetic repairs such as car rims, bumpers, and overall bodywork.


Customized Modification


Car modification may require metal fabrication processes in rebuilding systems or even the overall look of a vehicle so a swapped out or upgraded component fits seamlessly into its configuration. Just as in the restoring of vintage cars – a higher caliber of precision is required in the customized modification of a vehicle.



Opting for the Best Sheet Metal Fabrication Services in the Greater Toronto Area


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Interesting article, thanks for writing this!
Posted by: Stacey | April 5, 2019, 11:43 am
sheetmetal fabrication is such an important process!
Posted by: Samantha | March 27, 2019, 12:18 pm
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