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The Basics of Metal Fabrication

Creating structures made out of metal from cutting, bending, and assembling processes is one description of metal fabrication. The procedure involves the formation of machines, parts, and other designs using a variety of raw materials. Similar to separate manufacturing processes, human labour and automation are each a common component. A product that has been fabricated is referred to as a fabrication, and services specializing in this realm of work can be called fab shops. The outcomes of different forms of metalworking, like machining, metal stamping, forging, and casting, might share similarities regarding shape and function to ones produced by metal fabrication. However, these procedures are not placed in the same category.

Our metal fabrication work at 4 Way Metal Fabricators is continuously fine-tuned in order to provide you with the ideal service.


This process is performed by sawing, shearing, or chiseling with the help of manual and powered variants. In addition, torching using handheld equipment, including oxy-fuel or plasma torches, is a part of this step. Lastly, operating CNC (computerized numerical control) cutters, in the form of a laser, torch, water jet, or mill bits, is also an element of the cutting procedure.


This process is performed by hammering with a manual or powered instrument, or with press brakes, tube benders, and tools that are similar in nature. Present-day metal fabricators have press brakes and CNC-controlled backgauges, which use hard stops, as well.


This process refers to the joining of pieces and is performed by welding, binding with adhesives, riveting, or threaded fasteners. Additional bending can take the shape of crimped seams.

Further to our metal fabrication services, 4 Way Metal Fabricators offers high-quality laser cutting, powder coating, and welding. Browse our website and contact us today for more information on how we can help meet your needs.

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