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The concept of metal fabrication in Ontario

Metal fabrication Ontario in is a value addition process involving construction of structures and machines from raw materials. This ranges from small fabrication projects involving simple designs to huge industrial engineering projects. Fab shops normally employ an array of value added processes such as welding forming, cutting and machining. Most fabrication jobs start with shop drawings that show precise measurements to be employed on projects at the product design stage. Every fabrication process is aimed at creating a certain structure and hence a clear blue print is important for a successful project. T fabrication and installation processes are done following an initial design.

For a few decades now, Canada has been on the forefront in embracing modern fabrication projects in different industries. Typical projects include structural frames for heavy equipment and buildings, loose parts, building stairs and hand railings. Specialists in metal fabrication in Ontario are hired by OEMs, VARs and contractors to handle different projects depending on their expertise and experience.

The standard fabrication raw materials include plate metal, expanded metal, welding rods, hardware, fittings, castings and sectional metals. After drawing the design of the product, the down material has to be cut in appropriate sizes. Most fab shops use shearing to size raw materials. Shearing is advantageous in that it can cut stock without forming chips or burning. A moving blade is used to push the raw material against a fixed blade, creating shear stresses in between. Special band saws that are designed for cutting metal have a feed mechanism that ensures even cutting.

Materials are only cut to create regular pieces that are easier to work with in the fabrication process. Once materials are in the right sizes, forming processes are applied to bend them into the desired shapes. This process is controlled using tools such as dies and punches. Modern dealers in metal fabrication Ontario use specialized machinery to regulate direction and magnitude of force when shaping raw materials.

Welding is the main focus of Metal fabrication Ontario. The formed parts are assembled and then tack welded before being re-checked for accuracy. Welding can be done on individual parts of the product or on the final product. It involves joining of different metal pieces together to form specific shapes. Special precautions are required to prevent warping or the welded material by heat. The fabricator may need to redesign the weldment to use less materials use a stout fixture or cover the weldment with and to facilitate cooling.

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