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The Importance of Precision Metal Fabrication in Many Industries

Precision metal fabrication is a popular process in the manufacturing industry. The process forms the metal into the finished products. The raw materials made of metal is designed into specialized pieces to accommodate whether large or small projects.


There are many industries that depend on the fabrication process of metal.

These include automobile, food service, storage, pharmaceutical, computer, aerospace, construction, electronics, telecommunications, medical, and many others.


There are products from precision metal fabrication that are in-demand to the customers such as cabinets, ventilation systems, storage enclosures, hoods, and tanks. Thanks to the evolution of computer technology, the precision metal fabrication produces products fast and easily.


Many metal fabrication shops today use:


  • CNC - This stands for machines that are Computer Numerically Controlled. These computer machines have programs that are designed to do certain tasks at the exact specifications. CNC machines have the capability to be accurate and help lower the cost of labor.
  • CAM/CAD - This is a software that is used to lay out the materials and design them for manufacture.


Common techniques used in precision metal fabrication include:


  • Annealing
  • Mechanical working
  • Roll forming
  • Bending
  • Press forming


The cutting process removes the excess material, after forming the metal into the desired shape. Cutting also involves stamping, drilling, shearing, and sawing. After the cutting process, this leads to the process of finishing that may include product painting, sanding, or deburring.


There are more tasks involved in the process of precision metal fabrication. Aside from the basic tasks, the fabricators calculate tolerances and dimensions, fabricate parts, set up and use cutting-edge machines, and read blueprint drawings.


The company that provides precision metal fabrication can perform a wide range of projects involving metal fabrication. The service is all about manufacturing metal fabrication. They take pride in combining their expertise in metal fabricating and the use of advanced software and equipment.

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