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The Varied Processes Involved in Metal Fabrication

From home appliances to office desk tools, computers, and huge machinery, metal is the stabilizing element that paves the way for today’s conveniences. For instance, the panels that make up a car are made through a metal fabrication process that is typically done in a fabrication shop and then delivered to the automobile assembly facility. The processes involved here varied and are complex.


Here are some metal fabrication processes that are employed in professional facilities:


Punching and Stamping

If a part requires holes to be made on its surface, then the metal fabrication process of punching is used. During this process, the metal part is placed under a die and is punched through a drill. There are certain factors to consider for the punch to be done correctly. In many circumstances, the intention is to create holes in a metal panel where latches are connected. Conversely, if the purpose is not to make a hole but to raise a section of the metal sheet without completely penetrating it, but a die is also utilized, then that process is called stamping. This is often used to make special shapes or images on metal pieces.


Shearing and Casting

If metal parts need long cuts, shearing is used. In many applications, the metal sheet is being fed into a machine. This also involves the use of a cutting tool that is vertically utilized against the full length of the metal sheet. The shearing process is usually used to trim down metal edges but it can be applied also to other parts of the metal. When a metal piece needs to be shaped into special designs, casting is applied. It works great for making complicated shapes needed for metal fabrication projects. Some of the most common metals that work with casting are steel, copper, silver, and gold.


Depending on the specific needs of an application, metal fabrication shops will combine processes to yield a fully customized final product. For more information on metal fabrication services, call us at 4 Way Metal today.

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