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What Makes Metal Fabrication A Much Easier Process

In the world of metal fabricating, what provides accurate and quick results is the adoption of CNC machines that can work through extremely hard materials which are not possible with other fabrication technologies. These materials vary from hardwoods to plastics of any types and hard metals. The only limitation is the rigidity and the scale of the CNC machine being used during the metal fabrication process. This is why it’s important to know the hardness of the material to be cut as well as the size and capacity of the end mill to make the correct setting.


When the setting is faster than needed, it will result in damaged or broken bits, while a too slow setting can risk burning the material.  Also, if the pathway is set incorrectly, it can be expected that the machine will cut right through the platform of the machine. In metal fabricating, this is what they refer to as a wasteboard.


The use of CNC machines helps to create cuts that

are accurate with minimal to no flaws at all.


In addition, the recent innovation of combining the capacity and functionality of CAD and CAM programs into one piece of software brings greater benefits to metal fabricators. This development does not only make designing parts much easier but it also creates the G-code. This even further allows the process of metal fabricating to be done efficiently through the help of a small USB where the program is stored and connects the CNC machine to a cloud-based software solution.


What’s more is the current trend of integrating the controller and the computer into the CNC machine itself. It means the operator can now log in and connect the machine to the program wirelessly, doing its work from any place it is needed. All these innovations make the life of fabricators and the end-users much more convenient.



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