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Why Laser Cutting is Essential for Maintaining Precision

Laser cutting in Ontario is a mainstay when it comes to executing precision in metal fabrication processes. Laser cutting relies on a highly focused, strong beam of light that is capable of effectively cutting through work pieces of different material to achieve the desired design and shape.

It is the highly precise nature of laser cutting machines that have sustained their dominance in metal fabrication shops across the industry.


Today we’ll discuss why laser cutting in Ontario is an essential fabrication process for shops across the industry.


What are the associated benefits?


The most widely recognized benefit of laser cutting is in the process’s ability to achieve a higher degree of precision than other machining methods. This is especially useful in tool production, where components must be fabricated precisely to ensure the functional application of the entire unit.

Tertiary benefits include reduced chance of physical damage, reduced chance of material contamination, and minimal resulting waste in comparison to other conventional machining methods.


What does the laser cutting process entail?


Laser cutting machines are available in a variety of configurations offered by a handful of reputable manufacturers. However, the most common set up for laser cutting machines include the same components: the laser cutting head, focusing lens, nozzle, pressurized gas assembly, laser resonator assembly, and reflective mirrors. Each of these components work in conjunction to form and focus the beam, localize heating and melting, perform material ejection, and formalize beam movement. When correctly executed these processes achieve a precise cut.


How can I ensure the results I’m looking for?


A few factors influence the laser cutting process to yield the precision-based results you’re looking to achieve. Type of material, type of laser, type of assisting gas, and the overall machine configuration and settings can also influence the end result in minute or large-scale ways.

One way you can ensure the results you’re looking for is by opting for a machine shop who is experienced in performing laser cutting in Ontario. A reputable machine shop like 4 Way Metal will offer the facility, equipment, and expertise necessary to ensure the job is completed as precisely and effectively as possible. Call us today to learn more about our laser cutting services and how we can assist you with your upcoming project – we’d be happy to help!

It's crazy to see how far laser cutting in Ontario has come since the early days!
Posted by: Dylan | December 12, 2019, 12:58 pm
It's really important to look for an experienced metal fab shop for laser cutting projects.
Posted by: Kiran | September 23, 2019, 11:03 am
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